Cassie: UKC PTS ALCH AN NN Clayborn’s Ignite the Night

Cassie is Regalant’s princess. She knows what she wants and expects to get it when she wants it, whether it’s the comfy spot on the couch or my dinner. She has a look-at-me attitude that has served her very well in the show ring.

born: April 12, 2015
sire: Firebird’s Long Ranger
dam: Clayborn’s Prairie Warbler

OFA eyes: not tested
OFA heart: not tested
OFA thyroid: not tested

CEA: carrier
MDR1: clear

Cassie is the dog who got me interested in showing conformation. I originally trained her to enter her at ISWS shows so that I could meet other silken owners, but I soon discovered that I just loved working with her in the ring. She is the reason I began showing unaltered dogs, and a large part of the reason why I ended up deciding to breed.

Cassie’s sport of choice is nosework, and so far she’s been very successful! She recently finished off her UKC advanced nosework title and we’re hoping to start superior soon.

Cassie is also trained in agility, though on any given day she may or may not decide she wants to do it. We’ve had beautiful fast, clean runs, but we’ve also had runs where she refuses to leave the start line. That’s just Cassie, though, and we roll with it. We play when she wants to play and spectate when she would rather nap.

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