Find information about Regalant’s past, present, and planned litters on this page. If you’re interested in a puppy from any of these litters, please fill out our puppy questionnaire.

Current Litters

Regalant is expecting a litter with Devon: Tangaloor Escape Velocity and Starr: Clayborn’s Belle Starr in Janaury of 2023.

Planned Litters

Regalant has no more litters planned for 2023. If Nita passes the rest of her health testing, she will be bred in 2024.

Past Litters

Starr and Cricket welcomed a litter of six puppies on March 6, 2022. See the Starrberries here!

Starr in 2019.

Plume and Roman welcomed a litter of five puppies on November 8, 2021. See the Oodles of Noodles here!

Plume at 3.5 years
Roman: Kinobi Roman Holiday @ Kohana (photo by Cheryl Nardi)

Regalant welcomed a litter of seven puppies with Pretzel and Lyric on April 5, 2021. See the Tulips here!

Interested in a puppy from any of these litters? Fill out our puppy questionnaire!

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