Regalant Silken Windhounds is a breeder of silken windhounds located in mid-Michigan. We whelped our first litter in the spring of 2021.

Click the links below to learn more about silken windhounds, our kennel, and how we go about raising puppies.

Silken Windhounds

Silken windhounds are a medium-sized breed of sighthound. The breed was started in Texas in the 1980s and is recognized by the UKC. Follow this link to learn more about the breed and its history.

Regalant (and FAQs)

My main breeding goal is to breed healthy silken windhounds who excel in both the performance and conformation rings. Follow this link to learn about my philosophy as a breeder and what I look for in my potential owners.

Raising Puppies

I raise puppies using Avidog and Puppy Culture methods, with a focus on positive reinforcement. Follow this link to learn how I approach their socialization and medical care.

Here at Regalant, we believe Black lives matter, love is love, transgender rights are human rights, and science is real.

Interested in a puppy?

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