Freddie: Regalant Heart’s Delight

Freddie is my first keeper bred-by puppy. Though he lives in a local co-own home, I still see a lot of him and love spending time with him. As he grows he’ll check out a number of different sports to see what he enjoys, but his current job is just being a perfect pet.

born: April 5, 2021
sire: Kristull Jazzy Blue
dam: Clayborn Sunera Pretzel Bark

OFA eyes: pending
OFA heart: pending
OFA thyroid: pending

CEA: carrier
MDR1: tested clear

Freddie has taken naturally to the show ring. After only one day of practice, he came with me to the 2021 Ohio Classic, where he won Best Opposite Sex Puppy in show for the puppy sweeps. It was a long day for a young puppy, but he was a happy, enthusiastic boy through both shows that day—which means I let him stand however he wanted for his win photo.

As a fun aside, this is the same award his mother won at the 2019 Ohio Classic.

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