Liam: UKC URO1 WindnSatin Ultra Violet

Liam joined my family in 2014, back when I thought I would only have one dog, who would just be a pet. But I fell in love with him: his personality, his trainability, his willingness to try anything. He made me fall in love with this breed.

born: October 23, 2013
sire: Belozor Whatchamacallit
dam: WindnSatin Crusin LegndViknview

OFA eyes: untested
OFA heart: untested
OFA thyroid: untested

CEA: clear
MDR1: clear
Embark pending

Liam loves agility! It’s by far his favorite way to spend an afternoon with me. He is working toward his C-ATCH in CPE. If he earns that title, he will be the first silken windhound to get a CPE championship.

Liam’s primary role at Regalant is to be a pet, and he’s very good at it. He likes to nap on the couch, play fetch, and practice tricks or obedience (with lots of cookies, of course). He’s done some rally, but at our most recent trial he left me and tried to steal the judge’s lunch, so we’re taking a break from formal trials.

He’s also trained in nosework and knows a good number of tricks, but we mostly do those things for fun around the house.

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