Cassie practices for nosework

Cassie is my nosework dog. While all my dogs get at least some nosework training, Cassie is the one I’ve worked with the most and who takes to it most strongly. She earned her UKC novice title in 2016, and is two exterior searches away from her advanced titled. We haven’t showed much in nosework lately—just three times over the past 18 months—but we’re headed down to Kalamazoo the first weekend in December and the goal is to get her some Qs in superior interiors and superior containers.

For those who might not know, at the superior level, the dogs find two scent hides. One will be clove and the other will be either anise or birch. There will also be a toy or food distraction the dog has to avoid. This means that we definitely need to practice!

Tonight I had her search for two hides, three times. This is our last run. I didn’t have any distractions out there tonight (unless you count the open container of treats I had on the table), but since we haven’t practiced in months, I chose a setup that had a good chance of her being successful.

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