Pretzel is a Champion!

Pending official confirmation by UKC, Pretzel is now UKC CH Clayborn Sunera Pretzel Bark! We’ve only been out to one show weekend (in any dog event!) in all of 2020, but that was enough for Pretzel, who took best female in four out of five shows and best of winners in two shows. That’s more than enough wins and points for her, and so now we’ll begin working toward her grand championship!

3 thoughts on “Pretzel is a Champion!

  1. Hello,
    What lovely dogs you have, and Congratulations Pretzel!
    I am writing to inquire about your exceptional Windhounds…
    When might you expecting a future litter? If so, is there awaiting list I might perhaps join?

    Thank you kindly.
    Katherine Birchard


    1. Hi, Katherine. I’m expecting a litter early this fall and another in mid-winter. I don’t do traditional waiting lists (more of a waiting pool of people), and if you’d like to be considered for one of those litters, please feel free to fill out the application:


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