Oodles of Noodles Litter

Roman: Kinobi Roman Holiday at Kohana x Plume: Clayborn’s Silver Plume

This litter of four boys and one girl was born November 8, 2021.

Luna: Regalant Mezza Luna

female, silver brindle

Luna will be staying in a local co-own home.

Zozo: Regalant Orzo

Male, mahogany brindle with extreme white

Zozo, now Nishi, will be trying out lots of fun sports in Wisconsin.

Zeely: Regalant Fusilli

Male, red brindle

Zeely, now Sterling, is headed to a co-own home in Missouri.

Mac: Regalant Macaroni

male, mahogany brindle

Mac, now Nox, is going to do big things with his new family in Wisconsin.

Buca: Regalant Bucatini

Male, red brindle

Buca, now Wylie, is going to be an active and loving pet and is staying in Michigan.

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